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We are dedicated to helping people understand the biggest business and health story of all time: the unprecedented transformation of society that will result from extending human healthspan and lifespan.

About Us

From a broad perspective, it's easy to see the countless opportunities and challenges that come with living longer. Global healthcare systems will have to adapt, economies will have to shift, and individuals will have access to an array of new products and services that can greatly enhance their lives.

But the path to understanding and actively participating in this longevity trend can be complicated. Technical science, conflicting information, and complex data can all be barriers to entry.

That's where Spannr comes in.

We are here to make sense of the complex world of longevity and provide actionable opportunities for everyone to get involved.

Join us in bringing longevity to the forefront of human and economic progress.

Spannr - [ span-er ] - noun : a person interested in extending their healthspan and lifespan.

Adding Fuel To The Fire

After years of neglect, researchers and scientists are finally turning back the clock and making strides to defy aging. Combine that with emerging technologies, a greater understanding of human biology, and an influx of private capital – the field of aging (arguably the largest Total Addressable Market to ever exist) is here to stay.

The time has come to acknowledge longevity as its own distinct industry, separate from the broader biotech and healthcare sectors.

To help fuel this conversation and to spur growth and awareness, Spannr is empowering our community with data, indices, and tools that stretch far beyond your typical blog or hype-machine.

To stay up to date on all the latest happenings in the industry and to witness, first-hand, the growth of today’s longevity revolution in real-time, we welcome you to subscribe to our newsletter.

We're empowering our community with data, indices, and tools that stretch far beyond your typical blog or hype-machine.

Join us for everything you need to know about the quest to extend healthy human lifespans.

Why should you trust us?

If this is a question you are quick to ask yourself, then you are our kind of reader.

We aim to earn your trust very simply: Providing the information we would want to receive if our roles were reversed. We won't claim to have all the answers, but we aim to give you everything you need to know to make your own decision.

As an independent organization, Spannr is self funded and free of pressure from outside sources. We don’t have any hidden agenda. Our goal is to grow based on the quality and value of our content and proprietary resources.

If you have any questions about Spannr or want to get to know us better, contact us – we'd love to hear from you. We appreciate your interest in what we are creating.

Spannr is self funded and free of pressure from outside sources. No hidden agendas.

Our Team

Sydney, Co-Founder & CTO

Sydney Alcala

Co-Founder & CTO

Sydney is a web developer living on the beach in Texas. When she's not building websites, you can find her playing Civilization, reading a fantasy or sci-fi book, or walking her dogs.

Michael, Co-Founder & Creative Director

Michael Jewell

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Michael is a creative director and visual storyteller who is passionate about creating brands and bringing them to life. He has experience working in numerous industries including cannabis and psychedelic medicine. When he's not building brands, Michael spends his time with his family, training in martial arts, and composing music.

Brett, Co-Founder & Head of Corp Dev

Brett Frantz

Co-Founder & Head of Corp Dev

Brett brings 10+ years of experience advising and investing in companies that are transforming the world as we know it. When he is not helping build companies or learning new things you can find him skiing, golfing and traveling the world. He is always on the lookout for great food spots and new restaurants to explore.

Joshua, Co-Founder & VP of Branding

Joshua Altman

Co-Founder & VP of Branding

Josh is an accomplished Brand Strategist, having worked with major institutional brands across multiple categories. After spending most of his career in NYC, he is now based in Ohio where he lives with his family.

Vsevolod, Web Developer

Vsevolod Doroshenko

Web Developer

Vsevolod is a web developer from Ukraine. He has 6+ years experience in the development of project architecture from scratch, optimization and refactoring of existing projects, working with databases, as well as backend and frontend parts.

Jael, Data Analyst

Jael De La Costa

Data Analyst

Jael handles data auditing and information aggregation for Spannr's back end database. In the past, Jael has worked with Spannr team members on other ventures within the psychedelic medicine world.