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Spannr 2022 Longevity Funding Report

As a growing body of research shows that aging might not be as inevitable as we assumed, billions of dollars are beginning to pour into longevity startups. We’ve compiled all the fundraising data for longevity-related companies in 2022.

Burn Fat & Feel Better: Cold Therapy for Longevity

Deliberately exposing yourself to cold therapy may be at the bottom of your wellness list. That’s because the feeling of being cold, for most people, is uncomfortable and to be avoided at almost all costs.  But if you’re looking for a science backed therapy that has many proven health benefits, cold therapy should be a top priority.

HIIT and Longevity: Live Longer With These Fitness Protocols

HIIT has been shown to both slow aging and lower risk of age-related diseases.  A study showed that HIIT rejuvenates our ribosomes, the cellular machinery that makes protein in our body. It also boosts our mitochondria, which provide our cells with energy. When we age, our mitochondria produces less and less energy, but HIIT can combat those effects.

How Blue Light Accelerates Aging (And What You Can Do About It)

In an age where we become more reliant on technology and devices by the day, it’s nearly impossible to avoid blue light emitting devices, which have been shown to accelerate aging and adversely affect your longevity.  However, there are steps you can take to lessen the impact of blue light on your body. Incorporate the suggested tips in this article to offset your exposure to blue light, so you can preserve the health of your eyes, skin, and sleep in the long run.