Longevity Companies

The longevity industry is growing rapidly with new companies emerging almost daily. That's why Spannr has created this companies directory so that readers can keep up with the space and learn more about the entities involved. The goal is to ensure that those interested in longevity have the most up to date and factual information that is publicly available.

Right now, these are the top 10 categories that longevity companies are involved with:

104AI/ML drug discovery
90Regenerative medicine
75AI / Data / Digital
34Gene Therapy
31Senescent cells / senolytics
30Personalized Medicine

Longevity Organizations by Type

Where are longevity companies located?

We've been mapping it. As of right now, we're watching 1,089 organizations working in longevity.


Quick Facts about the Longevity Industry

  • Out of 1,089 companies, 777 were started in 2010 or later That's 71% of longevity companies founded in the last 13 years
  • We've catalogued 6,212 jobs across 21 categories Top 3 companies with most jobs posted are: Regeneron / Grifols / Genentech
  • Top locations for longevity companies are:
    63 San Francisco, California, USA
    52 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
    52 New York, New York, USA
    33 London, England, UK
    28 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Longevity Companies by Founded Date

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