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Looking for IV therapy near you? Use Spannr to find the best IV therapy locations in your area. 

If you’re looking for a studio that offers IV therapy, we’ve researched the studios in your area that offer this service. 

If you’ve never been to an IV therapy studio before, scroll down to read more about what you can expect, how to find the best IV therapy studios, and the benefits of IV therapy studios.

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What to Expect When Getting IV Therapy

Packing a punch in a small bag of nutrients, IV drip therapy, or “IV drips,” can be found in IV clinics, IV bars, mobile IV therapy, IV lounges, and general health and wellness centered clinics. 

IV drip bars feel like a spa, where there is a focus on overall wellness and the environment feels healing and social.

When going to a studio that provides IV therapy, the staff there should be trained to answer any questions you have, address any concerns, and overall provide recommendations to suit your needs. 

After your consultation, you’ll begin your treatment. You’ll usually sit in a comfortable chair. Similar to getting your blood drawn or receiving an IV in a hospital, the staff member will find a vein to insert the needle into, disinfect the area, then insert the needle into your arm. The staff member attaches a delivery mechanism, and once it is secured, opens the IV catheter to begin the infusion. During your treatment, you can relax, watch TV, read, or rest. 

IV therapy sessions can take anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes to complete. Depending on which vitamins you get and for what purpose, you may feel the effects a few days up to a couple of weeks after your session. 

To best prepare, make sure you hydrate before your session. This will help the absorption of vitamins, but it may also help enlarge your veins in preparation for your session. 

Because IV infusion can sometimes make you nauseous, it’s also recommended to eat before your treatment. 

Otherwise, dress comfortably, stay relaxed, and bring a book or music to enjoy while you’re receiving your IV therapy treatment. 

What are the Best IV Therapy Locations?

You can usually find IV therapy in many locations that provide integrative or alternative health services, wellness clinics, weight loss clinics, and gyms. 

Here are a few franchises that offer IV therapy:

Before selecting a place to get IV therapy, consider the following criteria:

  • Choose a provider with at least a few years of experience (e.g. registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, or nurse practitioner)

  • Ensure the location you choose is clean

  • Inquire about the source of vitamins, ensuring they are US-based

Risks to IV Therapy

Finding a location that meets the criteria above is important in off-setting some of the risks that may accompany IV therapy. Additionally, it’s important to consult with a healthcare provider to make sure IV therapy can address your needs and to make sure there are not any contraindications. 

Some of the risks of IV therapy are:

  • Nutrient overdose or vitamin toxicity

  • Nutritional imbalance 

  • Air embolism

  • Allergic reaction

  • Blood clot

  • Infection

  • Injury to the skin and tissue

IV Therapy vs NAD+ Therapy, What’s the Difference? 

NAD+ therapy falls under IV therapy. IV therapy encompasses all the forms of IV therapy, including NAD+ therapy. NAD+ therapy is a type of IV therapy that delivers some type of NAD+ precursor (niacin, niacinamide, NMN, and NR), which boosts NAD+ throughout the body. 

Why is NAD+ so special? 

NAD+ is a coenzyme that regulates metabolism, repairs DNA, and supports the immune system. When NAD+ levels are imbalanced in the body, this can trigger aging, metabolic diseases, neurodegeneration, and cancer. 

All parts of the body serve a specific purpose in keeping the body alive and thriving; however, NAD+ specifically dictates whether cells survive or die. It's a fundamental molecule our bodies need to run optimally, but it's in limited supply. As we age, the decrease of NAD+ levels affect our body's ability to repair damaged DNA. 

NAD+ therapy can assist the body in repairing DNA, regenerating cells, and extending longevity, it's safe to say NAD+ can slow or even reverse signs of aging

This coenzyme can help your cells return to their younger state, which in effect turns back your epigenetic clock. By continually replacing NAD+ in your body as you age, you have a chance at undoing the dysfunction that occurs in the body due to aging and illness. 

NAD+ therapy sessions usually take longer than a regular IV therapy session, taking anywhere from two to four hours. Part of the reason is also because NAD+ should be titrated, giving your body a chance to build up tolerance to it, as it can trigger uncomfortable symptoms such as racing heartbeat, nausea, and anxiety.

NAD+ IV therapy is significantly more expensive than vitamin IV therapy. NAD+ IV therapy can run anywhere from $200 to $1,500, depending on the location, provider, product quality, and protocol you choose. You should start to see positive results from NAD+ IV therapy within one to two weeks

Benefits of Using IV Therapy

IV therapy helps with issues that tend to result from dehydration or vitamin deficiency. There are a few things that make IV therapy more beneficial than getting hydration or nutrients orally. 

  1. Immediate absorption into bloodstream

  2. Immediate hydration 

  3. Ability to consume a higher dose of vitamins and minerals at once

An additional reason you’d want to use IV therapy over other means is if your body’s ability to absorb nutrients is compromised, whether that’s because of a gastrointestinal issue or another type of illness that prevents your body from utilizing all the nutrients it receives. 

IV therapy can provide

  1. Boost of your immune system

  2. Increase in energy levels

  3. Maximum hydration, especially noticeable when curing a hangover or jetlag

  4. Calm and relaxation

  5. Recovery from workouts

  6. Skin, hair, and nail glow

  7. Decrease in morning sickness symptoms

  8. Clearer head (if dealing with brain fog)

How Much Does IV Therapy Cost? 

As with many longevity services provided at consumer clinics, elective IV therapy isn’t normally covered by health insurance. If you can afford the prices, IV therapy is going to range on average anywhere from the low $100s to $400 per bag, depending on the mixture of hydration and vitamins. 

If you decide to get IV therapy on a regular basis, some places offer membership options, which lower the price per bag. 

If you do not have any hydration or nutritional deficiencies and are simply looking to boost your health, getting IV therapy may provide you with benefits, as long as you choose a safe location and discuss IV therapy with a healthcare provider. If you have the money to spend and have targeted health benefits you’re looking to achieve, IV therapy may be for you.

Find a IV Therapy Studio in your area

Spannr has the most comprehensive longevity directory available. Enter your zip code to find a cryotherapy studio near you.

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