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Dr. Shelly Sethi, DO

Dr. Shelly Sethi, DO

Ready to take control of your health? It’s time to finally find the answers you’ve been looking for. Regain energy. Lose weight. Banish chronic health issues.

Dr. Shelly Sethi, DO, is a board-certified family physician turned Integrative and Functional Medicine specialist.

Dr. Sethi works best with patients who have been to multiple doctors and can’t find answers, are getting “normal” lab results but don’t feel normal, were diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, keep trying unsuccessfully to lose weight, are struggling with energy levels, deal with hormonal issues, want to explore less invasive approaches to improving their health, have withdrawal symptoms when getting off prescription medication, or have high blood pressure, high blood sugar, or high cholesterol. 



3705 Medical Parkway Suite 220, Austin, Texas, 78705
Dr. Shelly Sethi, DO


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