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Liebowitz Longevity Medicine

Liebowitz Longevity Medicine

Liebowitz Longevity Medicine can help slow the aging process, prevent age-related diseases and maintain optimal health.

Dr. Liebowitz evolved as a healer by integrating his traditional training in Internal Medicine, his decades-long ER experience and his studies in functional medicine. Functional medicine is a discipline that strives to reverse the course of a disease rather than just treating the symptoms, the typical approach of traditional medicine. His individualized approach to healing and longevity takes into account all relevant factors including the patient’s environment, diet, lifestyle habits and his or her genetic history.



1321 7th Street #300, Santa Monica, California, 90401
Liebowitz Longevity Medicine


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Treatments / Services

Ozone Therapy
Hormone Therapy
Blood Irradiation Therapy
Chelation Therapy
Light Therapy



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