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Health and Vitality Center

Health and Vitality Center

At our Functional Medicine Center, we get to the root cause of your condition and create a holistic treatment plan that finally fixes it.

At the Health and Vitality Center, we are committed to helping you invigorate, revitalize and transform your health by identifying and resolving the root causes of your illness.  We run a thorough Functional Medicine protocol that incorporates the best conventional diagnostic methods as well as a variety of specialty testing that identifies hidden causes of your symptoms.  Our investigation is not limited to scientific, genetic, and lifestyle matters; your emotional, mental, and spiritual health is also highly considered.   

With over 20 years of experience in Functional, Integrative, Holistic, Anti-Aging, and Environmental Medicine, Dr. Shiva Lalezar will create a highly personalized treatment plan for you.  The results of our patients’ experience in just a few months are outstanding and impressive.


11600 Wilshire Boulevard Suite #120, Los Angeles, California, 90025
Health and Vitality Center


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Hormone Therapy
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Anti-Aging Services
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